Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More About Naturally Flavored H2O

In follow-up to the previous blog post, let me add some other favorites. Of course, there is the traditional lemon water.

I also enjoy strawberry water from time to time. I have even put frozen strawberries in my bottle of water I take with me when I leave home. It chills the water like ice, and gives the water a delightfully light, sweet flavor. Though I must warn you, dear reader, a soaked strawberry looks a bit like a floating alien by day's end.

And finally, I think I'll experiment with watermelon water, if that isn't too redundant or repetitive. I may even use my melon ball scoop to freeze some little chunks of the summer fruit, and try that in my to-go-water.

And, yes, it is in the 90's today. When hot weather strikes, cool drinks seem to get my attention.

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