Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flashback Bliss: Canoeing at Camp

Random, happy memory: teaching canoeing at summer camp.

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My favorite part: demonstrating and practicing capsizing, righting, and getting back in the canoe. Loved it. Hoping to do all that again someday for fun.

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I had to flip, empty, right, and crawl back in to a kayak to get my kayak certificate in the kayaking class six-years ago. Almost killed myself trying. But success and exhaustion soon followed.

Best part of kayaking class? Getting in the kayak on the dock and entering the water without flipping, since the dock was about 3 feet from the water surface. Combined two of my favorite things: sledding and water sports. I guess those are both water sports, just different states of matter.

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Kayaking lessons: part of my 50th birthday celebration. Wonder what I'll do for my 60th?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tips to Share: Vacation Photo Albums

Just read this in a newsletter from my Creative Memories consultant, Nancy Smith. If you travel, take pictures, and make albums, you may benefit from a tip or two. I now do mainly digital albums, but will adapt some of these ideas for that format. Happy travel!

More from Nancy Smith:

Scrappin' Travel Tips
Vacations can be a whirlwind of fun. But it’s easy for the day-to-day details to get blurry when you’re back home trying to create a travel album.

Take a small notebook. Take a few minutes each morning to write what you're anticipating about the day and then a few minutes at the end of each day to write about the day. Use quotes each day in your journaling to make it more special. - Betsie Z.

I always take an accordion folder and label each tab with a date. Then as I get fliers, receipts and other things, I place them in the folder. I also bring a small journal to take notes and mention funny things that happen along the way. Then everything is ready for me to develop the pictures and get started! - Valerie A.

When I went to Disney, I brought my laptop. Each night I took the photos off my camera, put them into Memory Manager and labeled them Day 1, Day 2, etc. Then on the plane ride home, I tagged everyone and was all set to go. We came home with 1,600 images organized by the time our plane landed! - Maria P.

When we travel, I take journaling cards and pens. Before bed each night, everyone writes on his or her own card about the day. It has authentic handwriting and memories. I write the date on the back of each as well. I do the writing for my 4-year-old son, but he tells me his favorite part from the day. I did this for a cruise from two years ago and a beach trip last summer. I also plan to do this for our first Disney trip this summer! - Laura S.