Sunday, February 14, 2016

10 Downton Abbey Lessons for Life

  1. If you are sinister, suspicious, and snarky for five plus years, don't expect to end with much sympathy, support, or friendships. But we can hope.
  2. If you are the oldest matriarch in your family, understand your words, though witty and often wise, will often be a bit off-putting to those close to you. And delight your audience.
  3. As we age, new technology can startle and cause distrust at the beginning. Embrace it.
  4. Women evolve. Stand back, observe, and honor.
  5. Avoid an ulcer at all costs.
  6. Marigolds and daisies can grow together.
  7. If you cannot find the love of your life for many seasons, hold on. At least millions of people will be pulling for you.
  8. If you marry a head butler, be sure you love to run your home the same way he expects the manor to be run.
  9. Family pets, especially a Labrador Retriever, will win your heart, and when they leave you, it is painful. But we can learn to love again.
  10.  Hope and love will survive, when ways of life must change with the times. Stay optimistic.

    Thank you, Downton, for a great sixth season -- so far!



  1. Agreed! And when you want to find your prince (as in Cinderella) or put on some pounds...go to America for a few months.

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