Sunday, August 19, 2012

September Decor & Pennants

So many of us enjoy decorating for holidays and seasons. Seems like September through Valentine's Day or even St. Patrick's Day brings a flurry of decorating opportunities. Then Easter, 4th of July, and a little rest before starting the fun of unpacking decorations begins again. The challenge? Putting things away and storage. Ah, but it is worth it.

Here are some September ideas....Unpainted wood initials, small chalk board, pencils with ribbon, an apple, and scattered crayons on a torn brown paper lunch bag:

Pennant banners, or bunting, cut from 12" scrapbook paper in the color scheme of the holiday or season, in this case back-to-school primary colors. Also included below is the apple flag in front of the home.

Repeat the elements and colors in little clusters around the home. More apples, crayons, pencils with ribbon, and classic pink erasers, candles, notebook paper, and a composition book were added for distinctive elements.

Many of us love the fall season. Many of us are teachers, so creative bulletin board decor themes can be brought home to add a spark of the season to the surroundings, making the end of summer vacation a bit more tolerable.

And the big relief is that all these items store nicely in a small box at the end of September. Of course, the apple cider sign stays in the window a bit longer, but the school supplies are put away.

Making paper pennants: Use 12" scrapbook paper. I bought several sheets of complimentary colors and patterns. Then I made a template out of cardboard from a manila folder. I cut six pennants out of each piece. Below are photos of the template and layout to help you get an idea of how it goes. There are various ways of doing this available on the Internet, which is where I found these photos, though I don't recall the link to give due credit.

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