Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Fun Idea: Backyard Movie Night

I saw this photo in a recent Crate & Barrel catalog.

Crate & Barrel Spring Catalog 2013

My friend, Brynne, got me thinking about backyard movie nights a few years ago, but we never explored the idea much further. This photo started a new flood of ideas. Maybe this will be the summer we give this a try.

We can suspend a white sheet. We can tell friends to bring pillows. We can spread quilts and blankets on the lawn. Food will be the easy part.

I'm not sure about a projection device. I'm not sure how the volume of an outdoor movie would impact my urban neighborhood. I won't have fancy lanterns with burning candles staggered around the grounds due to lack of funding and concern about flames and kids at the same level. We could resolve that by using battery candles. And as far as noise level is concerned, we could use subtitles and have a silent movie night. Ha! Perhaps there is potential there, but I'll need to give more thought to a sound system outside. The reality is that my husband will be asked to give more thought to that.

Anyway, it could turn into a grand evening with friends, and a summer to remember.

Oh, and one more thing. I can guarantee we won't be watching home movies. But then again, there are copyright laws related to showing produced films, like a Disney cartoon, to a group. I better call my lawyer and find out the scoop on that! I don't have a lawyer. I'll have to read the copyright info at the beginning of the flick.


Have you ever watched a movie in your backyard? What advice do you have?

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