Saturday, October 18, 2014

California Convert - It Happened

I may have morphed into a Southern Californian after all, while I wasn't looking. After living here for over twenty-four years now, it was bound to happen. Here are the symptoms and causes.

  • Humidity hits 10% and I complain about how humid it is. 
  • I'm freezing when the temperature plummets to 65 degrees. 
  • I know to expect a cement ditch (channel) when I hear about the San Gabriel River in our area, not scenic water flowing through the woods. 
  • I can "go to the snow." 
  • I've been in a few "sigalerts."
  • I've rocked and rolled in a few earthquakes.
  • I've seen a celebrity or two.
  • I refer to highways by number: the 405, the 605, the 101. Oh, and the 60, the 10, and the 210, for starters.
  • I'm aware of the abundance of nail shops and taco stands everywhere.
  • I sold my raincoat and gave away almost all my sweaters.
  • And the other day it happened. To my chagrin, I realized I actually sped up at a yellow traffic light, instead of slowing down as I was taught in the Midwest. Sigh.
But I do keep on renewing my subscription to Midwest Living magazine. I still love the heartland.

After all, it is the people you meet and learn to love that make the place home.

"God bless us, everyone." - Tiny Tim

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