Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Morning After Another Tragic Event

The morning after...I'll continue to pray, to mourn for those I do not know who are going into unforeseen pain and hard-to-answer questions. I'll hold loved ones closer. I'll fight the fear of the active shooter reality, for fear steals life. I'll seek beauty, truth, and virtue, if only it were that easy.

I'll not judge entire people groups nor world religions because that interrupts the good that still exists, and disrespects my theology of God's love for all people. It also seems unfair, unbalanced, or poorly informed. I'll focus on the many vulnerable in our world, and continue to support the efforts of World Relief. I'll trust in God, who still miraculously redeems and restores in pursuit of ultimate shalom.
I'll not blame media or political parties because that distracts me from my responsibilities. That blinds me to the privilege of being present in this moment. I can make the world better with small acts of kindness. In the long run, that may have more impact than legislation.

And then there are the questions.

  • The question of where is God in the midst of such suffering. I don't have a satisfying answer. Yet. But I'm OK with asking and resting in not knowing. That does not bring me doubt. It draws me closer.
  • I'll still question the accessibility of weapons. 
  • The question of evil looms large. 
  • The question of why these situations have become so common in this land of the free and the brave is a timely question deserving response. 
  • The question of these attacks in other parts of the world that freeze us all in tragedy is crushing. 
 But the question of how we go on to honor lives lost through making lives matter is my more urgent question again this morning. Again. That word "again" is haunting on this morning after.
I agree with Larry Wilmore, The Nightly Show, "This has really got to stop."


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