Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flashback Bliss: Canoeing at Camp

Random, happy memory: teaching canoeing at summer camp.

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My favorite part: demonstrating and practicing capsizing, righting, and getting back in the canoe. Loved it. Hoping to do all that again someday for fun.

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I had to flip, empty, right, and crawl back in to a kayak to get my kayak certificate in the kayaking class six-years ago. Almost killed myself trying. But success and exhaustion soon followed.

Best part of kayaking class? Getting in the kayak on the dock and entering the water without flipping, since the dock was about 3 feet from the water surface. Combined two of my favorite things: sledding and water sports. I guess those are both water sports, just different states of matter.

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Kayaking lessons: part of my 50th birthday celebration. Wonder what I'll do for my 60th?

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