Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time for S'More Weekend Fun

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This weekend we enjoyed a S'Mores Bar with friends. The coals in the grill calmed down to a marshmallow toasting temperature. The toppings spread included some fabulous options to build-your-own s'more. A simple serve-yourself evening of sweet treats and relaxed conversation ensued to wind down the week together. As we gathered around the fire on a chilly SoCal spring evening, the scent of the fire and the sight of the embers glow drew memories and talk to thoughts of camping and childhood.  Then we headed inside to top the gooey golden globs of marshmallow with a variety of goodness.

Midwest Living magazine inspired the menu.

Here are the details of the S'Mores Bar...

Part I: The Basic Starter Stuff
Toasting forks
Graham crackers  
(regular and cinnamon) 
Oatmeal cookies
Chocolate Squares
(milk & dark)

Part II: The Mix & Match Toppings
Sliced Bananas
Vanilla Icing
Caramel Sauce
Potato Chips
(Broken or crushed pretzels would also 
be fun -- gotta have salty with sweet!)
Peanut Butter

I think sliced apples, strawberries, and/or fresh raspberries might add an element of flavor burst to this taste combo adventure. Not to mention, you could vary the chocolate using a peanut butter cup and more. This is only limited by the imagination at work.

If you are really feeling ambitious add toppings for creating mini-banana split s'mores (ice cream sandwich style) or banana cream pie on a graham cracker with or without marshmallow:
  • A bowl of whipped cream or the aerosol can
  • Vanilla pudding or custard
  • Use a melon ball size scoop with vanilla ice cream

 Other destination: This would be fun at the beach, too, and not too complicated to duplicate there, though I'd use plastic and/or paper serving containers/cups.

Never made a  s'more? Toast a marshmallow. Set it on a graham cracker (two pieces/square in shape). Add a square of chocolate candy (Hershey bar square is traditional). Be cautious to not use too large a piece of chocolate. Usually two squares work well, but you are in charge of your own happiness. Then top with another graham cracker. The heat from the marshmallow melts the chocolate. Take a bite. Take another. Your welcome.

[Photo Credit: Three bottom photos were taken by Cindi Peterson (except for the top one at the beginning of the post which was credited to another blog post)]

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