Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cake of Joy! It's a Boy!

Don't you just love your clever friends? I do. For example...

One of my friends is pregnant. She recently moved out of state with her husband for his new job. They left both sets of parents in their former state of residence. Disappointing in many ways with the grandchild on the way.

In a clever effort to continue to share the joys in this time, here is what they did:

Last week, they went to have the ultrasound, hoping the baby's gender would be identified. The parents instructed the ultrasound tech to quietly write the gender on a piece of paper, but to not tell them. The parents then went and ordered a cake, and instructed the baker to use pink or blue filler frosting, depending on what the note said.

The parents-to-be picked up the cake, Skyped with the grandparents-to-be in another state, and all together found out the gender once the cake was cut.

A sweet reveal shared virtually! What a fun idea!!  

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