Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Control, Trust, and Today

The tension in the land between control and trust is sometimes fierce. Accept that. The crossover from control to trust is battle or surrender. Rest will come. The sense of fear, of risk, of threat is sometimes staggering. Grant grace to yourself. 

Looking at the past, faith stands strong. Looking to the future, faith can falter. Living in the present moment, faith stays focused. Give us this day our daily ________ . Whatever you need today, may you find it. 

We are promised enough for today. The lilies and the sparrows demonstrate it, as we are told in ancient writings. Breath deep. Repeat.


  1. Can I trust you on that? ;) Great thought. I'm gonna mutter it to myself today, like an incantation. "Trust... trust."

    1. You are a clever friend and writing colleague. Trust me on THAT! Thanks for your comment.