Monday, April 11, 2011

The Gurgling Cod...Who Knew?

My husband, Glen, and I were recently invited to dinner at the home of dear friends from church. This was our first visit to their home. The meal was delightful and conversation engaging. An enjoyable evening, top to bottom, starting with spotting a coyote trotting along the roadside on our way, carrying a snake coiled in its mouth with the snake head dangling like a cross from a rear-view mirror, to the parting gift of a bag of oranges and avocados from their yard.

We were also introduced to their Gurgling Cod pitcher.

As they filled and refilled our glasses with water, the pitcher, shaped like a fish, gurgled loudly as it was tipped back. I could not believe it, and was fascinated. The couple explained that this pitcher was the Gurgling Cod pitcher. I was delighted and amused. Amused enough to want one, but instead will just share it here.

This video in the following link does not capture the loudness of the gurgle in person, but you'll get the idea.

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