Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paper Source: Fun Unlimited

Here's to one of my favorite stores! Paper Source: "Do something creative every day." I love wandering through the actual store to collect ideas and inspiration. If our financial times were different, I'd even invest in a cute little something to enjoy on a creative day. I love the greeting cards, the colors, the paper patterns, projects to view, and the designs there, too.

They have a blog that is full of ideas. Some are not my thing. Others intrigue me, such as carving your own rubber stamp. I loved linoleum block printing in school art class. This may be a similar creative opportunity.

I often feel I have no time for playing with creative projects. Then I hop on over to the Paper Source page, glance through the monthly e-mail I get from them, visit the blog -- and ooh, la, la! I've transported myself, if even ever so briefly, into the world of color and design for a breath of visual creativity in the midst of a busy day. And that only takes a moment.

I've heard of "window shopping." This must be "idea shopping" or "inspiration shopping." I am reminded once again that life has so much to offer and I'm invited to join in. It is not all about work, chores, and responsibility. Hooray!

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  1. Totally know what you mean...I have lots of crafty ideas and I'm inspired by reading blogs but have little cash flow. Some of the greatest things can be found in the dollar section at Target, the Dollar Tree and thrift stores. The thing I learned...You need to have vision for what it can be and not just see it for what it is. :)