Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Great People Game (a.k.a. Conversation Starter)

Once upon a time (or "once a pond a time" as one of my 4th grade students once wrote), I was encouraged to invite loved ones to share about great people who has influenced their lives. The person who encouraged me to have this conversation asked me if I could name ten people who were a good influence on my own life. It did not have to be people I knew personally. It was a fun challenge to pause and reflect on who would go in my "Heart Hall of Fame." This was another simple, yet profound conversation starter that gave great insight into the hearts and minds of those I engaged in this topic. I learned so much, and it felt like a tribute to those influential people in even simply speaking of them and their impact on a life. When I asked my parents, I attempted to write down their answers, but it was tough to keep up. Such an interesting conversation and rich opportunity to hear stories of their important people. Someday as was suggested, in my spare time, I may even sit down and make a short photo album with faces of my choices and a statement of their impact.

I'll start with these two:

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