Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pickle Jar Repurposed: Date Jar

I love going on dates with the man I married. It is the responsibility of married couples to be intentional about having fun together through the years. This creates an interesting life, shared memories, and playful times that keep a couple close in the midst of the demands and duties that fill most days. So, we schedule time for a date when we plan our week.

Then what? Often tired and not too creative by then about what to do, we are sometimes challenged to think of something to do. So now we have the pickle jar, washed of course. When we find ourselves "in a pickle" to think of a date, we dig in the pickle jar.

The pickle jar contains gift cards and coupons for movies and restaurants that come from various sources. Also, the jar contains many little pieces of paper folded to add an element of surprise. One day I sat down and brainstormed a bunch of activities we enjoy doing together. I typed them up, printed it, and cut them up.

After taking time to fold them and place them in the jar, the guesswork of what to do for a date we'd both enjoy is gone and the fun of surprise is in the making. Some of the suggestions are as easy as taking a walk for a cup of coffee. Yes, we live about six blocks from Starbucks. Some of the suggestions are a bit more adventurous, such as taking the train somewhere and back or going kayaking. But if we don't want to do a date we've selected from the jar due to time constraints, weather challenges, or budget constraints, we just drop it back in the jar for another day, and pick again.

If all else fails, a DVD and popcorn, relaxed on the sofa, works just fine. A lazy date has its place, too. Having fun together keeps a marriage strong.

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