Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Celebrations: Eleven Party

I love to mark random moments in life with a memory. That brings joy to living, and often a reminder to stay grateful for the good, since life passes quickly. Yesterday was 11-11-11, so we had to celebrate! We gathered a few friends, shared food and conversation, and cheered at 11:11 on 11-11-11. Some friends who were out-of-town texted me at that exact moment, too. They were unable to be at the party, so that was fun to connect through text. Here are some photo highlights of some of the party fun.
Pepperoni pizza with cheddar cheese and olives added
to create the face of a clock showing the time of 
(of course) 11:11. Yum!

"1" Foods
Other food that resembles a "1" - pretzel sticks, licorice, sour candy straws. Chocolate cupcakes...OK, no "1" shape there, but a party has to have some chocolate. The sprinkles on top looked like little "1s" - use your imagination.

People played UNO Attack - theme game. Friends brought the DVD...
Oceans Eleven

Perfect movie for the theme, but we did not get a chance to view during the party.

The time came! 11:11 on 11-11-11!

I'd moved a digital clock to the mantle to mark the moment. I also stuck some #1 birthday candles in votive holders filled with sand. I lit the candles at the moment of celebration. Got to get creative in these non-holiday celebrations!

And so it goes. We celebrated an event that happens once every one hundred years. We enjoyed good company and tasty food. With friends and food, any day is a good day. Just one more thing. Attire for the 11-11-11 event. What else would one wear?
A great organization!


  1. so great!!! Sprinkles totally count as mini number 1s!!

  2. I love having a theme party for a non-birthday. Great idea!