Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chalkboard Fascination

I am going through a phase of being fascinated with home chalkboards. I see the handwriting on the wall: fun and self-expression. Joy in the doodle. I have been in a home where one wall was painted with regular flat paint and used as a chalkboard -- the whole wall. It was wiped with a dry towel. The kids practiced school lessons on the wall, too. Anyway, I do not have my own, but I'm checking out ideas.

Here is a dining room chalkboard in a handsome, classy frame from my friend's home. I envy. It is true. Or is that coveting? Anyway, I enjoy it when I visit. This was the latest art:

My friend, Kat, recently blogged about an inspiring chalkboard artist, Dana Tanamachi. She is amazing! What great creations! Check out the photos:

Dana Tanamachi's website:


  1. I painted Andrew's bedroom door with chalkboard paint years ago. We always had fun with it and now I have some of his writing preserved visibly in our home. I just read that they have lots of bright colored chalkboard paint. Cool!! :)

    1. It is touching to hear you have Andrew's writing preserved. How beautiful! And in such a fun way. And chalkboard paint! Who knew??!!

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